Mattress shopping can be a difficult task when you don’t know much about them. Chances are you don’t want to spend the best part of a week researching all the different kinds of mattresses on the market either.

The most important thing for most people will be finding a comfortable mattress that will give them a good night sleep. That’s why we did the hard work in finding out more about the Koala Mattress and why it is such a good option for anyone shopping around.

Koala are an Australian brand (didn’t the name give it away?) who have dedicated their time and energy into creating a brand that focuses on creating top of the range mattresses as well as giving something back.

Using in depth research and state of the art technology, Koala have created a mattress that has had rave reviews from its thousands of customers. As well as that, each sale sees Koala donate money to help preserve Koala numbers in the wild after a scheme that saw them join forces with the WWF.

Rather than flood you with options, Koala having one great product rather than a number of average ones. So what makes the Koala mattress so great?

The major material in all Koala mattresses is Kloudcell, a foam that has drawn on over 100 years of research to create and open cell, breathable foam that keeps your temperature stable while still providing you with the comfort and feel of a memory foam mattress. Because of this it is easier for you to fall asleep faster without tossing and turning or constantly looking for the cold side of your pillow.

The 5 zone system that Koala have used in their foam densities help o keep your body aligned. Firmer edges give you added security that normal spring mattresses cannot offer making it a lot more difficult for you to fall out of bed if you like to sleep up to the edge.

Koala also claim to have hit the “Goldilocks zone” when it comes to how firm their mattresses are. To prove this point Koala are refreshingly honest by saying that half of all mattress returns claim the mattress is too soft while the other half claim it is too firm. It is this return policy that helps them to ensure their mattress does stay at the top of its game because people can be honest about any issues they may have had.

We already mentioned how the foam’s cell structure can help to manage your temperature and the fact that they minimise layering or the use of glue is also a major factor in regulating your body temperature while you are asleep. This helps to lead to longer, more refreshing sleeps.

Each mattress comes with a 10 year warranty and they even offer free shipping to most areas which can also be a big plus point. The mattresses come in 5 sizes;

Single - L 188cm W 92cm H 25cm

King single - L 203cm W 107cm H 25cm

Double - L 188cm W 138cm H 25cm

Queen - L 203cm W 153cm H 25cm

King - L 203cm W 183cm H 25cm

If you are considering a Koala Mattress it is worth noting that they also have a partnership with Groupon which can save you money with discount codes or take you through to exclusive sales so it is well worth checking out what deals are currently available by heading over to

One of our other favourite things about Koala is how they package their mattresses. When you get your box through you will be forgiven for thinking they have sent you the wrong thing. Just take a look at this video to see what we mean.